The Kindness Solution is thrilled to be a Founding Member of World Kindness USA (WKUSA), which launched on the back of a 20 year international campaign with The World Kindness Movement, with national kindness bodies established in the Australia, UK, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

This movement was designed to bring people from a diverse background together to unite a nation on the platform of kindness regardless of politics, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age and even zip codes, and to see a kinder world realized in our lifetime.

WKUSA is a platform for national collaboration based on a foundation of kindness designed to encourage and support all sectors of our communities to engage in the global campaign for a kinder world and bridge the divides that exist in countries and flip the script on campaigns of fear and hate in favor of love and compassion.

Our membership base is not specifically for “Kindness” organizations as it seeks engagement with Cities, Government Departments, Business, Education, NFP Community Groups, Peak Association Bodies and Individuals of Influence.

Harnessing the goodwill and ideas from across the nation and indeed the world, we are positioning WKUSA to deliver outcomes for real change by engaging cities to support our member’s campaigns and activities, which is a key element to our charter to implement the global strategy for the greater good. Our work will support our members’ campaigns, research, education and events, all of which are designed to ensure Kindness is firmly placed on the national agenda.

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Check out the amazing work our fellow Advisory Board Members and Good Will Ambassadors who are doing with their organizations in their communities and around the country:



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