The Kindness Solution was ecstatic and honored to be a part of The Kindness Evolution‘s first initiative, 2018 Kindness Collective.

24 Leaders of non-profit Kindness Organizations and 6 Inspiring youth came together on April 20-22, 2018 in Half Moon Bay, CA,, facilitated by ThinkWrong  to solve the problem of disconnection, divisiveness, and fear in our culture by asking the following challenge question:

“How might we unite and collaborate in ways that use the  unique assets of our collective organizations so that we might achieve greater social impact?”

After  days of brainstorming the 2018  Kindness Collective , we collaborated on our first Unified Initiative,“No Bullying, Period.” in solidarity with October National Bullying Prevention Month. We are stronger together and through collaboration, we are exponentially raising awareness to have massive social impact!

Everyday, 160,000 kids skip school due to fear of bullying and exclusion. This is heartbreaking and unnecessary, and we have the audacity to believe that, YES, we CAN teach ourselves and our kids to feel significant for looking for the good in each other, celebrating our differences, and proactively being kind.

The Mission of No Bullying, period. is to bring greater awareness to this crucial issue,  provide free resources to schools and administrators and help to facilitate involvement and action, in order to bring an end to bullying and ensure that all schools provide a safe and nurturing environment.

For School Administrators: Visit Kindness Evolution’s Resource page to receive free downloadable links to easy projects, lesson plans and activities, created by our nation’s kindness organizations that focus on kindness, inclusivity and no bullying. Please consider incorporating an activity into your 2108-2019 school year programming.

Check out these amazing oranizations who are committed to modeling and teaching the concepts of kindness, compassion, and empathy in their communities and around the country and world!

Kindness Evolution –

Ability Awareness

Strength Behind the

Charter for Compassion –

Guess Anti-Bullying








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