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The advice I give to the kids, “Ask God for help”, “Give your worries to God”, “Turn it over” is the advice I remember I need to give to myself ~ “Give everything to God”.

We “high control needs” peeps are often the ones who need to hear this message a few (thousand?) (million?) in order for it to stick! 😂

When we realize we are not in charge and that the Universe / God / Our Higher Power / The Divine is conspiring on our behalf, we can finally breathe!

Sit back, relax, stay while, and enjoy the ride! You are fully supported. God’s got this.

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Meet Veronica

Veronica is an Executive of a Cyber Security Search and Software firm aspiring to "balance" being an entrepreneur of a high-growth start up while meeting the needs of her family and her own mental & physical sanity. She is using the ups and downs of marriage and parenting as a pathway to forgiveness & growth, and thus, a recovering Type-A perfectionist, who is learning to practice patience, compassion, non-judgement and kindness towards herself and others on a daily basis. Veronica is also a Certified Health Coach who doesn't cook and is obsessed with finding the best juice and smoothie bars in every city she travel to. She's committed to hacking true wellness and vitality from the inside out and loves promoting people, places, & brands who do the mind, body, spirit, animals, & the environment good. She lives for dancing to 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today and dark chocolate. She's happy you're here, and welcomes you to join her on this journey towards practicing kindness in all aspects of our lives and sharing real solutions.

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