We are wildly passionate about creating Cultures of Kindness at Home, School, Work, Online, and in our communities!

We are certain that every human is good at their core. When we are unkind to a family member, a classmate, or a co-worker, it’s because we have made the mistake of believing, consciously or unconsciously, that putting someone down is an effective way to feel significant, and letting our ego run the show.

This is a total illusion, however! How can we possibly hurt another person with our words or actions and feel good about ourselves? Since we are all connected, if I hurt you, I hurt me too.

If we look at any situation where someone in harming another with their words or actions, it’s always based in our own experience of hurt, or a core insecurity, so let’s find compassion for ourselves and/or the person who is doing harm, and choose love instead.

Our True Self is our Best Self. It’s how we experience ourselves when we feel inspired, joyful, eager, excited, connected, fun, and purposeful. Being kind is the absolute best way to uplift, encourage, and inspire others and ourselves, simultaneously. Win-win!

Let’s all commit to being stewards of one another’s spirits by proactively looking for ways to be kind at home, school, work, and online, which will organically spread into our  communities. We can find the good in everyone by looking for it – it’s everywhere and all around us –  and if we don’t see it right away, let’s each be the one to bring the good out in another person, one human being at a time.

Kindness always starts with how we treat ourselves from a mind, body, & spirit perspective. When we are conscious about how we are taking care of ourselves, then we can be more aware of taking care of one another. Living consciously is the kindest thing we can do for ourselves and each other.

It’s our hope that you will find more compassion toward yourself, all living beings, and the earth we share by looking at every aspect of your life through the lens of kindness.

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.
- Rumi

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Truth searches for no one. It waits to be found.
- Suzy Kassen