Veronica Mollica

Hiya, Fellow Truth Seeker

The “What do you do?” question has become an increasingly complex one to answer over the last few years.  Having defined myself by my outward achievements and success for most of my life, my identity had been very closely bound to what I did for a living.  Then, I became a mom.  A newfound love was born, a different identity emerged and has evolved, and my passion outside of work became my kids.  I approached parenthood like I have everything else in my life as a super-driven, Type A, perfectionist who wants to be the best at everything she does. This has torn my deep need to be extraordinary to shreds since I feel woefully inept at the whole parenting thing most of the time!

My 40’s have led me down a path of self-excavation, self-exploration, and self-discovery that has led to quite a wide range of passions, interests, causes, and missions that I’m pretty fired up about.

Who Are You? (really)” is a much more juicy, intriguing, and interesting question, don’t you think? These websites are ongoing works in progress that continue to unfold as I do, as they attempt to reflect the integration of the many different pieces of myself that need expression.  I look forward to connecting with you in one or more of these places where we share a common passion!

Indigo Partners

Indigo Partners is a top-ranked, national boutique Cyber Security Search Firm. We help companies who understand the value of working with a Recruiting Specialist to engage, attract, and secure the most exceptional security talent through our delightfully simple, streamlined process that delivers results.

The Kindness Solution

The Kindness Solution is a place where I share inspiration, ideas, experiences, coaching tips, life & health hacks, recipes, and resources that have helped me on my 20+ year quest for truth, personal and professional growth, transformation, and self-actualization that continues to unfold on a moment-to-moment basis.

Kindness Matters

#KindnessMatters is a movement on a Mission to inspire every child, tween, and teen to uplift & encourage each other, celebrate & appreciate each other's unique differences, and inspire each other to feel safe to express their authentic selves and be extraordinary in their own way.